October 31, 2020 12:00 PM
2020 Season

Michigan State
0-1 / 0-1

Mel Tucker
East Division
- AT -
#13 Michigan
1-0 / 1-0

Jim Harbaugh
East Division

East Lansing, MI
Spartan Stadium
Capacity: 75,005
Attendance: 0

Series Stats

Michigan State
Michigan State
has been outscored by their opponents
38 to 27
this season
meeting between
Michigan State and Michigan
has outscored their opponents
49 to 24
this season

Mel Tucker's record

at Michigan State
0 - 1 - 0
against Michigan
0 - 0 - 0
Longest Winning Streak
Michigan State
4 game(s)
from 10/6/1934
to 10/2/1937
14 game(s)
from 10/21/1916
to 10/5/1929

Jim Harbaugh's record

at Michigan 45 - 17 - 0
against Michigan State 3 - 2 - 0


Paul Bunyan
Latest Winning Streak
Michigan State
1 game(s)
from 10/31/2020
to 10/31/2020
2 game(s)
from 10/20/2018
to 11/16/2019


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Michigan 2020 Season
Cancelled due to Covid concerns even after the schools put protections in place. The 2020 season would have seen Michigan play Washington, Ball State and Arkansas State in non-conference play starting Sept 5. ***Update - Sept 19 the Big Ten decides to play after all. All games will be conference games.


Michigan is a 25 point favorite. The ESPN FPI gives them a 93.4% chance of winning.

Another stunning upset, according to the FPI predictor. Michigan was never even in control of this game. The offense struggled to connect. The defense slowed down the Spartans, but in the end could not overcome the Spartan's offense. The score really doesn't show how poorly Michigan played. Michigan State looked like a completely different team from the previous week.

Michigan State was the beneficiary of at least three bad calls; one for passing interference that was not called, and two passes for better than 30 yards that were incomplete, but allowed to slide. It's not just me, the announcers said the same thing. But as great coaches say, if the game comes down to a call, you didn't play well enough to win.

The  question now is not should Harbaugh be fire, but has Harbaugh taken Michigan as far as he can? If Harbaugh stays, fans should get used to Michigan being an average team with flashes of brilliance. But clearly, Harbaugh, in his sixth year, has shown he cannot get Michigan to the championship level.