Team Rivalry
About The Big Ten Football Database
What is Team Rivalry?

Team Rivalry is all about the glory days of football. Football data collected from various sources is colated into a few different stats; rivalry stats. It's not about predicting future performance, it's more about remembering those great games from the past. And sometimes the not so great.

Currently we're a small operation and focused on the Big Ten, but as the site grows we'll be adding more data from more conferences. And then it'll be The College Football Database!

Rivalry provides a list of all games played by any two teams for the selected seasons. You'll find out the state of the rivalry in summary and each game individually.

Game Day shows the game schedule for all teams for a given week. Selecting a particular game displays a breakdown of the game and a few hand picked stats. This page is being updated often as we decide what stats to include on this page.

Teams focuses on individual teams with season summaries, at-a-glance stats, current and historic schedules with links to games, a list of coaches, and coming soon a list of key players

Standings compiles wins and losses overall, for a conference and for divisions.

Where do we get our data?

At this point in time only data for the Big Ten is complete. You might find errors here and there.

Collecting data is never easy and football data is no exception even if it is popular. We're standing on the shoulders of those who've gone before us.

  • J Howell's NCAA Division 1A Football Power Rankings (site)
  • The Bentley Historical Society (site)
  • (site)
  • Team Color Codes (site)
  • UCLA Football (site)
  • Sports Reference (site)