October 24, 2020 7:00 PM
2020 Season

#18 Michigan
0-0 / 0-0

Jim Harbaugh
East Division
- AT -
#21 Minnesota
Golden Gophers
0-0 / 0-0

P. Fleck
West Division

Minneapolis, MN
Memorial Stadium (MN)
Capacity: 56,652
Attendance: 0

Series Stats

has outscored their opponents
0 to 0
this season
meeting between
Michigan and Minnesota
has outscored their opponents
0 to 0
this season

Jim Harbaugh's record

at Michigan
44 - 17 - 0
against Minnesota
2 - 0 - 0
Longest Winning Streak
16 game(s)
from 11/7/1987
to 10/9/2004
9 game(s)
from 11/3/1934
to 10/24/1942

P. Fleck's record

at Minnesota 21 - 15 - 0
against Michigan 0 - 1 - 0


Little Brown Jug
Latest Winning Streak
3 game(s)
from 10/31/2015
to 10/24/2020
1 game(s)
from 9/27/2014
to 9/27/2014


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Michigan 2020 Season
Cancelled due to Covid concerns even after the schools put protections in place. The 2020 season would have seen Michigan play Washington, Ball State and Arkansas State in non-conference play starting Sept 5. ***Update - Sept 19 the Big Ten decides to play after all. All games will be conference games.


Several pundits, including Tim Tebow, were warning us Michigan should be on upset alert. In retrospect, it was refreshing to hear. Michigan was a three point favorite, but still considered the underdog in this game. Except for Lee Corso, who picked Michigan to win.

Then there was the first drive of the game. Michigan is on offense and for all the world it looked like a sharp bell curve. No gain on the return. A 24 yard pass. A three yard run. A game misconduct penalty. An incomplete pass. A sack and a blocked punt. Michigan fans like myself were already calling the season.

To make matters worse, Minnesota's offense takes the field and two plays later has a touchdown.

The offense was a mess and now the defense appeared incapable of reading Minnesota's offense.

But then, everything changed.

Michigan has a no gain return, but on the next play Charbonnet runs 70 yards for a touchdown.

And for the remainder of the first quarter, Michigan and Indiana appear evenly matched. By the end of the first half it's starting to look like a route as Michigan closes it out 35-17.

Michigan owned the second half, scoring another 14 points to Minnesota's 7. The defense pounded Minnesota's quarterback and never let up.

The game ends 49-24 and if not for a couple of mistakes on Michigan's part the score would have been near 60 for Michigan.

Michigan looked strong and confident in this game in a way that I would normally attribute to Ohio State. What looked like a dismal eight weeks now looks exciting for Michigan.